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Python is a general purpose programming language with stable and high-performing libraries for numerical computing, data visualization, gridded data, machine learning, and optimization. Python is generally the go-to language for anything we can't do easily in Julia.


You should install Python (version 3.6 or greater -- not version 2) using miniconda. This provides you with the conda package manager, which you can use to create Python "environments" on your computer.

Conda is a package manager used to manage dependencies for python projects (and also R and other programs). A key feature of conda is that you can create many different environments, each of which has different sets of packages. Although you can also install packages and create environments using other tools, conda has lots of advantages.

You can learn more about conda in this Chapter in Ryan Abernathey's Earth and Environmental Data Science textbook.

Getting started


While python is a great language, using consistent style and formatting makes it easier for others to work on:

Last update: November 24, 2020