If you're going to read scientific papers and manage references, you should use a modern reference manager. Zotero stands out because it is open access, freely available with unlimited through Fondren library, extensible through a range of plugins, and lets you annotate using your PDF reader of choice. Group members should use Zotero to access our group's shared resources.

  • Fondren library has resources for Zotero training
  • You can add a bookmark to your browser. When you are visiting a journal web site, you can click this button and it will route the page through Rice Library's website. See here for details. If you have Zotero connector installed in your browser, it can remember these settings and automatically proxy that website in the future.
  • Though a full mobile app is under development, Papership provides a free Zotero reader for your mobile device

Several plugins extend the base functionality of Zotero

  • Better BibTex provides manual and automated export to bibtex
  • You should install Zotero connectors in your browser and, if applicable, Word
  • Zotfile lets you extract annotations
  • Scite provides easily accessible information on other papers that cite and dispute papers in your library

Last update: November 24, 2020